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Through the Ropes

Youth programme developing a range of personal development skills​

Boxing and martials arts training integrated with structured personal development activities

Fun and engaging learning for young lives

Programmes can run from 12 weeks to more in-depth longer term programmes 

The number of sessions per week would be negotiated with the beneficiary group/organisation

This group offers opportunity to:


  • Work out for mind and body wellbeing

  • Develop confidence to take up opportunities

  • Perseverance and resilience

  • Develop positive relationships

  • Leadership

  • A space to develop friendship

  • Develop an understanding about what each participant needs to reach for their potential 

We are actively seeking funding to run this programme at the moment so please  complete information request form below for futher information or to let us know you are interested in this programme.

We can also provide this programme as a contracted offer to organisations that feel it would benefit their members.

Thanks for submitting!

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